Monday, November 22, 2010

meNANGIS laGi??

Okay....act diz is preview drama from yesterday reality..
after works,went out wit HIM(ofcoz my beloved)..
Feel very hungry n decide to be eating at HUTAN BANDAR..
Not da westerns food,but da other restaurant there..
Then we go laa....And when arrived there,we took a sit..
My dear odered kuey tiew while I am ordered nasi paprik..
U knoe wat?
After our drink hv been arrived to us,and my dear's kuey tiew also hv been eaten,
my nasi paprik was not come yet!
Suddenly i feel tht i got butterfly in my stomach..
Ohh shit!my gastrik has come!
I still waiting and waiting......................................
And at a sudden,a girl come close to me..
I replied,"HAAH,nasi paprik."
Then i wait lohh..
I look at their cooking place..Haa???They didnt cook yet?
Ohh my God...How come...Okey la...Mybe they got many cstmr...
Still waiting...
At sudden again,the girl come again..
She asked,"KAK,NASI PUTIH TAKDE,nkgne nasi lain atau oder laen tak?"
I replied "ADUUH,,nape bru ckp skrg??org da sakit perot tau tak."
Okey..act i never thought to embress her..
But i couldnt stand it!my stomach got pain,and they didnt told earlier..
Why ha????And u guess wht???/
After i said like tht,suddenly my beloved scold me and he said tht i have NO RESPECT to her!
Is it my fault?
I really dont understand him..Always blame me..huh..
So sad......

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