Tuesday, August 9, 2011

as sad as TODAY!

Assalamualaikum to all muslim readers.

Today is our 9th fasting day.So far,hows ur fasting?is it smooth?
Ramadhan always made us thought bout our past. J
Too much sweet memories goes in  Ramadhan. Same as wht happened today.
It also will be a memories one day. J
Too bad is, today Im not feeling well. I dunno y.

Lil bit headache and,err maybe fever will coming soon.(I tink laa) L
And the others thing dat also made me felt moody was:
+ I’ve to finish up all my assignment n tutorial
+got Hamba Allah hurt me n he doesn’t care bout me L
+I  am waiting for unsure things(poor me!) L

So, here I wanna tell y’all dat im going to mad >__<
Uwaaa! Help me!! >_<

I <3 y’alls !

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